5 Stand


5 Stand is a shotgun shooting event intended to simulate scenarios encountered in bird hunting. Clay targets are mechanically launched from many houses. It's like a cross between skeet and trap with the advantage that it is more action packed than trap and has more intersecting flying patterns than skeet. A good resource on the sport can be found at http://blog.beretta.com/5-stand-when-theres-not-time-for-sporting-clays.

What's new with 5 Stand?

TCSA is offering a 5 Stand League, open to all shooters. A League entrance fee of $20 will be collected to participate in the shooting and attend the Barbecue and Fun Day at the conclusion.

Competition will consist of shooting two rounds (50 targets) each Tuesday, from 4PM to sunset, through July 15, with a fee of $10.00 each week for targets.

A safe shotgun, any gauge, capable of shooting two shots is required. League shooters will have priority of shooting times

5 Stand is a challenging sport where all shooters with varying levels of ability can enjoy the variety of targets presented. Practice makes perfect! For further information, contact Jim Gee at 607-725-9189.


TCSA has one Five Stand field. See the satellite view of the club grounds. This range is staffed and available only during regularly scheduled events. We offer open shooting during from May Thru September on Tuesdays at 4:30 PM. Please check the Club Calendar for confirmation that there are no specially scheduled events that would preclude these shoots. Scores are recorded for bragging rights but not published. It's just all about having fun in a safe shooting environment. Come join us for some of the best shotgun shooting in New York State.


5 Stand is typically shot with a 12 gauge shotgun. Smaller gauge firearms (e.g. 20 gauge) can be used. All of our firearm shooting activities require both eye and ear protection for the participants. This protection is also highly recommended for spectators. Clay targets are supplied by TCSA.


These matches are very informal and welcoming to new shooters. We're a friendly bunch and eager to help beginners. You are missing a lot of fun if you want to shoot any of the clay target games, but are hesitant to show up for open shooting. Arrangements can be made for introductory lessons at other times to make you feel comfortable on the range. Lessons are also available to improve your wing shooting or skeet shooting abilities. Contact Dick Mider (607) 642-8419.


Kat Gee at (607) 725-9189. Kat will provide a score sheet used for sanction matches, and will consider the option to have scores appear online.


$5.00 per 25 round relay