5 Stand


We Welcome all shooters young and old, new to expert, members and non-members.

5 Stand shot-gun shooting is designed to provide all types of simulated small game hunting. It is sometimes called a mini sporting Clay Course.

The game is designed to hone skills for beginners to experts, and most important to have fun.

Shooters shoot from 5 different stations, and shoot 5 shots from each station. The targets can come from any direction left, right, front, and back. They can be fast, slow, roll along the ground (rabbit) fly straight up (teal) or you can even shoot two birds as they cross in front of you. Usually there are 6 to 8 different targets to create a variety of challenges. A perfect score is 25 hits for the 25 shots available at each target. Fees are $5.00 per round

Any shotgun that can shoot 2 rounds rather quickly, a double, semi-auto, or pump all work well. We have folks that shoot 10 ga to 410s with 12ga being the most popular. Number 7 1/2 or 8 seem to be the shot size used. I like shooting my 410, I don’t hit as many, but I feel real good when I do.

Safety is a big factor for us. Eye and ear protection is a must to participate or watch.

We have skill levels from new shooters to expert, and the good thing is we can all shoot together and have fun. If you choose there are folks that will assist you, or grab your own style, and enjoy.

Anyone wanting more information, or some personal instruction call

Jim Gee 607 725 9189 or hit the contact us link provided.

A good resource on the sport can be found at http://blog.beretta.com/5-stand-when-theres-not-time-for-sporting-clays.

What's new with 5 Stand?

In 2018 we have constructed a new shooting platform; (see photo right) it has been enclosed to protect shooters from cold, wind, rain, and the blazing sun. We also have a viewing room just to watch.

So no matter what the weather we can have a good time, without the elements chasing us away.

Starting this winter we are planning a 5 stand league probably in Jan - Feb time frame. This will be a fun league where we can test out our new heated building. Anyone interested in joining please contact us. We’ll also be open during the fall starting in Sept, on Sunday mornings 10 to 2 PM to offer folks a chance to try it and meet some of the members.