Hunter Education

The Tioga County Sportsmen's Association (TCSA) will host 6 Hunter Education classes during 2016. These are the basic firearms class. Each class is scheduled to meet for two sessions although this may be reduced to one session.

Tentative schedule for these classes are:

  • April 7 & 9
  • July 7 & 9
  • July 14 & 16
  • August 11 & 13
  • August 18 & 20
  • September 8 & 10

A group of volunteer instructors conduct the classes at the club. TCSA is only the host for these classes and is not responsible for registering participants or conducting the classes. To register for a class you must go on the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) website ( Once you are on the DEC website look along the left side of the page for "Education" and click on that. When the education page comes up look along the right margin for "Important Links" and under that you will see "Sportsmen Education Classes", click on that. On the page that comes up scroll down under "Course Details" to "Hunter Education" and click on that. On the Hunter Education page click on "Register For A Hunter Education Course". On the page that comes up it will ask you for a location. Use the Zip Code for a location and enter the Zip Code for Owego, 13827. If a course at TCSA has been posted it will be listed below where you entered the Zip Code. The classes at TCSA will typically be posted on the DEC website approximately 30 days before the class date or they may be posted more than 30 days before the class but registration will probably not start until about 30 days before the class. Register as soon as possible as the classes fill up in one or two days after the registration starts.

Special Thanks to the Volunteer Instructors for their time, and the TCSA for donating their facilities.