NRA High Power Rifle


The "course of fire" for these matches consist of four timed stages. A total of 80 rounds are fired for record, 20 rounds per stage, at either 100 or 200 yards dependent on which club is hosting the match. A 50 round reduced course of fire is available. Firing positions include standing, sitting and prone. In each stage the shooter takes a place on the firing line and assumes the prescribed position. During "Slow Fire" standing and prone stages, the shooter is allowed one minute per shot to fire the 20 rounds. The sitting and prone "Rapid Fire" stages are fired, two 10 round strings for either 60 or 70 seconds respectively with a magazine change during each string.

TCSA, Broome County, Sayre, Rockdale, McGraw and Square Deal participate together as the Southern Tier High Power League. Information regarding this league is available at

Fixed targets are used at all clubs. Scoring will be done on the target line by the competitors. No one will score their own target. The use of scoring plug will be done by a range official.

Pre-registration is encouraged. Please contact the TCSA match director at

- 1st relay competitors must arrive by 9am match begins at 9:30am

- 2nd relay competitors must arrive by Noon match begins at 12:30pm

NOTE: The afternoon (2nd) relay may be cancelled immediately after the morning relay is complete if no one has pre-registered. So you must pre-register for the afternoon or risk having it cancelled.

Here's an interesting video to watch.


The matches at TCSA for 2019 are scheduled for 6/22, 8/10 and 9/14. They will be held on the (Middle) 100 meter rimfire Silhouette range. Matches at Tioga, Broome, Square Deal and Rockdale have covered firing lines.


Any iron sight or scoped rifle conforming to NRA High Power rules may be used. The league will have both a Match Rifle and Service Rifle category. Ammo is the responsibility of the competitor. Bring what is necessary for record plus sighters; any safe ammo may be used. Tracer or incendiary ammo is not allowed. A valid NRA membership number is encouraged but not necessary for competition. Competitors should bring masking tape, stapler, clipboard, pen, spotting scope, mat, eye and ear protection as well as food and beverages (no alcohol allowed), and rain/cold weather gear.


Entry Fee is a one-time league fee of $15 a year ($7.50 for juniors – must be 20 or younger in the current year) AND $10 ($5 for juniors) fee per match entered. The league fee is payable along with the match fee the first time you shoot. Non-league shooters are welcome to shoot for "score-only", per match fee is $15 ($7.50 for juniors). Special 1-time, non-league fee of $5 for a new shooter.


For Southern Tier High Power League information contact

For the TCSA High Power discipline information contact:


Event results are emailed to the shooters.