President's Corner


Welcome Members and Guests to TCSA and 2019.

Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI)


For the continued promotion of range safety at TCSA, the ECI placed in your firearm's action is a true

indicator that your firearm chamber is empty and safe.

As a safety measure, the use of ECI's is always a mandatory item in national, state, and local rifle and

pistol matched.

The desire of TCSA is to provide all members, who shoot rifle / pistol, a TCSA Empty Chamber Indicator

for use while on the range. The ECI can also double as a safety indicator in your gun room. Members

may request additional ECI's with a donation of one dollar each. The ECI will fit all calibers.

For further information you can contact Phil Berghorn, President, at;

Till next month, always keep control of your firearms and shoot straight my friend.